Creating Warps

Create your own public warps for other people to visit your shop or check out your build!

Creating your own public warps is very simple, but you must start by standing in an area you have claimed.

Next you need to come up with a name for your warp, and use the command, /pwarp set [WarpName]

Next you should set a description for your warp so people know what its for, /pwarp desc set [warpname] [Description]

Warps in the list will default to having your player head as the icon unless you set one yourself... Lets set an icon for our new warp with, /pwarp icon set [Warpname] This will set the icon to the item we have in our hand!

You can also put your warp into a specific category, using /pwarp category [Warpname] [Category] There are 4 categories to chose from, Builds, Shops, PVP and other. (By default all warps are put under "Other")

You have now successfully created your own warp! Normal players can set up to 2 public warps, players who donate to the server can gain additional warps, for more details visit Continue to the next page if you wish to learn about the less used commands relating to player warps.

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